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Complete our Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) program to begin trading with us.

The process takes less than 5 minutes

Account Approval within 24 hours

Your information stays private

Buy and Sell Between 50,000 to €100 Million

We facilitate cryptocurrency trades for a low fixed price thanks to our global liquidity partners.

Fast Entry Trades

We provide end-to-end service right from the initial expert consultation all the way through to trade execution and same day settlement. We work with our clients to answer any and all questions with the aim to build comfort and trust.

You Are In Good Company

CryptoRolla provides discreet buying and selling, high net worth individuals and institutions with everything they need to complete large block orders, dedicated to maximizing your returns and achieving your investment goals.

Are you a Institution* or Individual
* Institutional accounts include Sole traders, Partnerships, Public/Proprietary Companies, Trusts and Self managed super funds (SMSF).
First Name*
Last Name*
Contact email*
Country of residence
Phone number
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- All trades on CryptoRolla start at a minimum of €50,000 up to €100M.

CryptoRolla products and services are available to all qualified institutional and private investors who are interested and able to trade in amounts equivalent to at least EUR €50,000 per transaction.


Enter your contact details and submit a quote request or enquiry today.

We will establish a trade room with you via your preferred method of communication.

Here we can understand your needs, answer questions.

We Onboard You

We will provide you with the documentation requirements needed from you in order to become on-boarded as a client.

Start Trading

Once confirmed, we'll create a designated and private trading room in your preferred messaging platform where all trades discussion and confirmation will occur.

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